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American Pitbull Terrier Training

American Pitbull Terrier Training

American Pitbull Terrier Training A dog trainer once told me that if a dog wants to chase anything he will chase it not minding the number of food or biscuits your throw on him or falling on him like manna from heaven.

It is always the mindset of every dog owner to train a good positively, I mean the way that the owner would like.
In this article, we would be exploring the simple ways to train your pitbull terrier to suit you and the owner’s taste.


Respect training is one of those training you should consider giving your pitbull, reason for this is that respect training is a balanced way for dog training.

What I mean is with balanced dog training, you will be training the dog for both positive and negative consequences of one’s behaviour.

Let’s take for instance we took something from a house and the owner of the house says thank you, we would likely be doing that same thing again but in a situation where you took that thing and the owner shouts, we wouldn’t want to go back to take that thing again.

The same thing goes with dogs, they act just like humans. If you train them to avoid something, they will but if you allow them to perform or exhibit some behaviour, they will continue doing it.

If a dog sees someone and bites the person and you did nothing about it, they will repeat it but if they want to bite and you stop them from doing it, they will not do it again.

Dogs learn best from balanced dog training where their behaviours can either result in positive or negative consequences.

The positive consequences here mean you reward them with praises, letting and food while the negative consequences mean correcting the bad behaviour with a tone of voice but not abuse.

You can correct your dog without being abusive or cruel to them, that will be discrimination against animals.

When you show them the positive and negative effects of their behaviour, they will decide on the best practice and definitely, they will choose to do what you want for the praises and goodies you give to them. .

“To be sure, the dog is loyal. But why, on that account, should we take him as an example? He is loyal to man, not to other dogs. ”
Karl Kraus

How To Train an American Pitbull

Pitbulls Generally have bad reps but when you see a well-bred and well-socialized pit bull, they can be very friendly and even play with a total stranger.

Pit bulls are not for everyone but when you stay with them, you’ll notice they are very
intelligent and ready to learn at any time.

They mostly listen and adapt to obedience training and dog sports, which is one of the things that makes them happy. Without waste of time, here are the best ways to do American Pitbull Terrier Training.

1. Socialize Your Dog From Early Stage

   If you bought your pit bull when he was young, then the first training you should give it is socializing with people.

Your pit bull puppy must learn to be happy with different kinds of people. Let it get used to staying with children, men and women and even other animals that way your pit bull can be easily handled.

2. Behaviour Training

Behaviour training here is, training them to be social with other dogs. Pit bulls have grown up fighting other dogs. They don’t tolerate other dogs but with this behaviour training, you can get your American pit bull terrier.

You can teach them to behave properly when with other dogs by focusing on only you. The kind of command to give them in this situation is the Emergency recall, look, stay and come.

For your dog to listen to your command, you have to take your time to train them on command from different situations.

3. Enrol them in the Canine Good Citizen Certification

This is a program developed by the American kennel club (AKC) which is meant to test dogs on different skills and if they pass, they will be given a canine good citizen certificate.

For any dog to pass, it must know obedience skills and be able to walk with the crowd and accept being petted by strangers without reacting or fighting.

4. Dog Sports

Pit bulls like sports, they like to play but one thing you must bear in mind is that all the training is somehow connected.

Dogs especially pit bulls like sports and that’s why you would see some trainers engage them in it because they are very energetic.

A well-trained dog will be able to take its cues from you rather than react to the presence of another dog. If you are having trouble keeping your dog from showing aggression toward other dogs, consider working with a trainer. A lot of training facilities offer classes to help with just this problem. You may see them referred to as Feisty Fido or reactive dog classes.

When it comes down to it, pit bulls are no different when it comes to training than any other dogs. The difference comes from the public’s perception of pit bulls. Take the time to train your pit bull, and you will have a happy and healthy member of the family who is truly an ambassador of its breed.

American Pitbull Terrier Training

How Do You Discipline American Pitbull

One of the best ways to discipline your dog very well is to understand their instincts and needs.
Just like humans, dogs too need to be understood and their needs need to be understood.

When your door misbehaves, withhold that one thing they love, that way there will know that what they did is wrong and won’t do it again.


American pitbull terrier training might seem a bit hard for those that know nothing about it but pit bulls are very energetic and teaching them or training them well will be a good way to expose them to society, they would also learn to not be aggressive when they see other animals and people or even kids.

American pitbull terrier training is very essential if you want to have a normal dog

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