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Because the passion that Companion Pitbull Home has towards these dogs wins over every home:

– We do not keep dogs locked in the pits, but real parks, areas for the most varied recreation and socialization activities, sale, delivery for the dressing, insulated dog beds and every comfort for our splendid specimens.

– We use only the best quality food to feed our extraordinary companions.

– Each puppy is weaned from the mother who remains with the litter up to the 61st day of age due to the formation of a balanced and temperate character.

– We socialize and even hyper-socialize all our adults and puppies to special situations, animals or things

– We maintain the relationship with you even after approval for excellence in assistance!

Of course yes! We think it’s an excellent idea to get to know each other and visit our amazing pit bull facility. You will be able to personally see all our dogs and both parents of the puppy you intend to adopt,  realizing directly their extraordinary nature.

To apply for a puppy today, kindly go through our puppy adoption process like a pro. Learn more

Our dogs are the result of a careful selection of the best specimens over the generations, they also have genetic tests such as for example the hip dysplasia and the cerebral ataxia.

Absolutely not, our dogs are selected by character: they are balanced and temperate, curious and very socialized with the outside world and people of any age, sex or ethnicity. Our American pitbull terriers are the perfect family dog, empathetic and socialized with man and even hypersocialized to different situations, animals or things.

Absolutely not! we will never stop repeating that the dog does not need very large spaces to live, obviously it will have to be led to take its walks daily, but the most important thing is the dedication in loving it and dedicating time to it as an integral part of one’s family which is fundamental!

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